Two days of rugby heaven, a whole week of fun

Launching in February 2017, the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens will see the star players of all ten Australian and New Zealand Super Rugby clubs and four elite invitational teams from across the world (in 2017 the event will feature Toulon, the Blue Bulls, Samoa and the Panasonic Wild Knights), compete over two days in a ten-players-per-side, ten-minutes per-half, knockout tournament.

Held annually at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane in February, the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens sees global rugby’s best clubs compete to claim their share of over AU$1.6 million in prize money and participation fees.

Combining the space and speed of Sevens with the trademark physicality, athleticism and tactical element of traditional fifteen-a-side rugby, the Tens format showcases the game at its dynamic best, re-engaging core fans and introducing the game to new audiences via a compelling and easily accessible format.

Representing the ultimate in sports entertainment, with compelling on-field action further supplemented by a program of innovative entertainment initiatives in the days leading up to the event, the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens is a truly immersive event experience that no rugby fan should miss.

Key Dates

February 5, 2017 – Tournament week in Brisbane kicks off
February 11, 2017 – Day One – Brisbane Global Rugby Tens
February 12, 2017 – Day Two – Brisbane Global Rugby Tens

At a glance

  • All ten Australian and New Zealand Super Rugby clubs and four elite invitational teams will compete (in 2017 the event will feature Toulon, the Bulls, Samoa and the Panasonic Wild Knights)
  • Ten-players-per-side, ten-minutes-per-half, knockout tournament
  • Culmination of a week-long festival of rugby
  • 16 hours of compelling live rugby, featuring 28 matches played over two days
  • Broadcast live across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, Africa, France and other major international markets
  • Held annually on the second weekend of February, two weeks prior to the start of the Super Rugby season, at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
  • Launches the rugby season in Australia and New Zealand
  • Over AU$1.6 million in annual prize money and participation fees on the line
  • Sanctioned by the Australian Rugby Union and the New Zealand Rugby Union

Official Rules

The rules of the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens are based on World Rugby’s official rugby Tens rules.

Essentially a hybrid of the traditional fifteen-a-side game and rugby sevens, the objective is to promote free-flowing and fast paced rugby, while still retaining the physical intensity and enthralling forward and backline play that rugby fans love.

  1. Ten players per team on field.
  2. Eight substitutes, with unlimited interchanges.
  3. Ten minute halves. Five minute half-time.
  4. Knockout matches drawn after regulation are continued into extra time, in multiple 5-minute periods.
  5. All conversion attempts must be drop-kicked.
  6. Conversions must be taken within 40 seconds of scoring a try.
  7. Five player scrums.
  8. Scoring team kicks off
  9. Yellow cards net a three-minute suspension.
  10. Referees rule on advantage quickly (where one play usually ends advantage).